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FHA Home Loan Services is an approved FHA lender offering low rate FHA loan programs, FHA refinance streamlines and FHA purchase mortgage loans. For almost 20 years, we have been helping first time home buyers get approved for affordable FHA home loans. Our FHA lenders also specialize in helping homeowners with FHA refinancing that often uncovers lower payments and increased savings!

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Finance a new home or get help buying a foreclosed property with an affordable FHA mortgage from FHA Home Loan Services.

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FHA loan rates dropped below conforming rates in 2013, but with the economy and inflation concerns, interest rates will likely increase soon. Refinance today and get a fixed rate that is guaranteed for thirty years.

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Renovate, rebuild or remodel your new or existing home. People buying foreclosed homes can get funds for construction quickly with our special FHA home loans.
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Get Mortgage Relief with unique FHA 203H loans insured by the government. Disaster Victim Home Financing with FHA

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2013 FHA Loan Requirements – You may need more equity, more income and higher credit scores to qualify for the next generation of home loans

HARP Refinance Loan – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac came together with Obama to offer a solution for people with underwater home loans.

Bad Credit Home Loan Requirements
There are a handful of subprime and FHA home loan lenders that take chances with low credit scores, but it’s important that you understand the requirements for these types of loans.

No Closing Cost FHA Mortgage
Borrowers may be eligible for a no cost FHA home loan in both the purchase and refinance products.

Is FHA Losing Market-Share with 1st Time Buyers Because of Fee Hikes on Mortgage Insurance? - The Department of Housing and Urban Development has mandated many insurance premiums hike on FHA home mortgages over the last few years.

President Obama signed the mortgage bail-out plan that enables the administration to buy up the bad debts of failing banks.

Second Appraisal Requirements/Limits on Cash-Out Refinances - FHA is establishing a second appraisal requirement for loans on properties in declining areas and limiting the loan-to-value for cash-out refinances.

FHA News Archive -
Read more about government financing opportunities with HUD and FHA news updates.

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FHA Home Loans - FHA Loan Rates, Approved FHA Lender

FHA Home Loan Services is a low rate approved FHA lender specializing in FHA loan programs, FHA refinance streamlines and FHA purchase mortgage loans. First time homebuyers like FHA finance opportunities because the down-payment requirements are minimal and the FHA loan rates are affordable. Our lending company provides unique FHA refinance loans like, Streamline, 203b cash out, Hope for Homeowners, 203k Rehabilitation and CHAFA.

In many cases, FHA home loan requirements are more flexible than conventional mortgages for credit and home equity criteria. With the mortgage industry in a weakened state as banks continue to fall, the passage of new legislation continues to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure and modernize FHA guidelines to help first time buyers and current homeowners looking to refinance their subprime adjustable rate mortgages.

Low Rate Government Mortgages from an Experienced FHA Lender

At FHA Home Loan Services, we believe you should be able to purchase or refinance a home cost effectively with confidence. We offer sound FHA financing advice with no hassle FHA mortgage rate quotes and our trained loan officers will help you pre-qualify for the best home loan available online. FHA home loan rates are more affordable than ever, so take another look at FHA finance options.

After years of no movement, HUD finally raised the FHA loan limits ranging from $271,000 to $729,000 depending on cost of living in the counties and states. According to a recent report from the House of Urban Development, an estimated 240,000 homeowners who were suffering with rising adjustable rate mortgages were able to avoid foreclosure and refinance into an affordable fixed payment courteous of the new Hope for Homeowners and the FHA short refinance that was created for underwater mortgages.

Shop Fixed FHA Home Loan Rates for Buying or Refinancing

FHA Home Loan Services provides down payment assistance loans for first time homebuyers for reduced closing cost that increase the savings for new homeowners. Our focus was government home loan programs when the company was founded and ten years later our goal remains providing the best FHA mortgage loans with superior service to borrowers in every state online. Whether you need a 1st time home buyer loan, a streamline, foreclosure prevention loans or a cash back refinance to consolidate your revolving debt, we are the right lender to close the best loan for your situation.

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With FHA loan rates hovering near all-time lows, you can't afford to wait for better home financing terms! We offer a free loan quote, a pre-approval.

With the credit crunch taking its toll getting cash out of your home has never been more difficult until FHA reduced the maximum LTV for cash out loans from 95% to 85%. The FHA cash out refinance option enables borrowers to pay off debt and get cash out with virtually no equity left. Consolidate bills or use the cash for a vacation or for investment purposes. Traditional mortgages are not giving cash out above 75 or 80% LTV, so only needing 15% equity to get cash is a rare opportunity these days.

The FHA loan guidelines have been reenergized with expanded lending criteria for home refinancing and foreclosure prevention loans. HUD made dramatic guideline changes a few years back, so speak with a FHA lender today about your financing situation.

FHA announced new minimum credit score requirements for both refinance and home loan transactions. Borrowers will need at least a 500 credit score to finance or refinance FHA style. For example a borrower with a 500 fico score might be required to come up with a 10% down-payment, rather than the typical 3.5% down-payment. This government loan continues to take chances with low credit scores.

FHA home mortgage programs have seen changes in recent months, but many home financing programs remain attractive for first time home buyers.

Talk to Approved FHA lenders today and weigh the pros and cons of FHA home loans.



In a recent MBA survey, 8 out of 10 loan officers recommended their clients with little money to put down on a home use the Federal Housing Administration for first time house financing.

Borrowers like getting a fixed rate mortgage with a fixed monthly payment that they can afford. These government FHA loans only require 3.5% down and there is never a penalty for FHA refinancing if the interest rates improve.

The economic stimulus package opened up the door for 2009 and 2010 FHA loan originations because the increased loan amounts were made permanent. The higher FHA loan limits opened the door for more borrowers to meet FHA requirements.

Many mortgage executives were relieved that Congress left 2013 FHA loan limits where they were in 2012, as lowering the FHA limits could dramatically affect loan originations for FHA mortgages going forward. MBA announced that FHA interest rates fell to record levels once again in the spring of 2013. Take advantage of 30-year fixed FHA loan rates at record lows.

Government home buying continues to support Americans with cost-effective FHA home loans as rates and lending fees have never been lower.

Shop and compare FHA home mortgages today while interest rates are low and FHA requirements are minimal. FHA Home Loan Services cost nothing to consumers as there are no application fees charged when requesting quotes.

FHA streamline refinancing is great for dropping interest rates with a reduced cost with little or no out-of-pocket costs. The streamline allows current FHA borrowers the opportunity to refinance if interest rates drop. There is no option for getting money with a streamline loan. It’s simply a rate and term dream mortgage that guarantees the lowest interest rate that the market yields.

More and more 1st time home buyers are reevaluating their finance options, because 3.5% down for new purchase loans is the best non VA home- buyers will find. The tax credit was extending so FHA home financing is more appealing than ever.

HUD announced that effective April, 2011; borrowers will be paying higher FHA insurance premiums in an effort to curb home foreclosures that have been depleting FHA reserves to dangerous levels.

First time home buyers will enjoy the benefits of a FHA home loan that has no pre-payment penalty and low rate guarantees with the streamline program.

President Obama confirmed that underwater borrowers will be able to streamline with FHA loans. This helps FHA customers that have negative equity. Consider FHA for no equity home refinancing as guidelines remain aggressive.

Guidelines on FHA home loan programs change frequently so find your eligibility today because lending standards remain flexible for credit and gift funds.

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